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Selling 5 Versailles posters.
I accept Paypal only.
I will do no trades.
I ship worldwide and in tubes, unless notified.
I can combine shipping.
I do not do holds for more than 2 days, as we are moving and do not have time to hold them for longer.
All posters are from CDJapan, have not been pined or taped. All in mint condition.

I only have one (1) of Destiny. It has been unwraped, it comes from CDJapan.
Going for: $18

I have two (2) of these Holy Grail posters. They are still in their green tissue wrap from CDJapan
Going for: $18 each

I believe I have two (2) of these Philia posters. I have not opened them since they are still nicely wrapped in the green tissue paper from CDJapan.

Shipping can only been done through surface. Canada Post is pretty stingy. If you prefer Purolator please let me know, it will cost a bit more but will get to you in 4-5 days instead of 3-4 weeks. I can combine shipping (it won't cost anymore than what I've quoted).
If you are interested leave a comment.


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