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Week has been pretty good, got a second interview already and i just handed out resumes on Monday, crazy!
Been rain non-stop too, very gloomy out. must brave it and go out, need things. Good thing most stores are in walking distance.
That reminds me I need to get fabric for my costume, idk maybe this weekend with my sister?  I need it soon. and a wig, which my mom will have a hissy fit over, 'stop buying stuff!" i haven't bought anything since August give a gal some slack here.

Just finished Tiger&Bunny, it would have been earlier but my comp decided to go on the fritz. God i hope that site didn't have any viruses or warms because sister's going to kill me.
So I watched ep. 24 yesterday and was spazzing, inside, over Kotetsu's 'death'. OMG I thought Kotetsu was dead, DEAD! i wanted to shed a tear but my mom was in the room and I couldn't, she'd laugh at me! I get emotional when my favorite characters kick the can and it felt me feeling empty inside, omg it was bad. Kotetsu can't die, it's so strong! and handsome! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
But just now I watched 25 and I was SO F****ING HAPPY HE LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVED!!!!!!  I was so happy they didn't kill him off, he's the best part of the show.
OMG I didn't know Kotetsu had that much MUSCLE!!!! /drooles, I want a man who's like Kotetsu I'm not ashamed to say it, I want a HUNK!!!! If Blue Rose ever gets him, CURSE YOU! that is all. but damn he's gorgeous, i don't care if he's in his late 30's i am shameless i know.

(Also have a thing for Yuri/Lunatic, don't judge me. he's sexy in that one scene where his shirts open.
I'm a woman and I have needs /shot)

Hate Maverick, hate hate HATE! Too bad he erased his memory I would have loved to see him cower in fear when Lunatic showed up, but noooooooo he just had to go and ruin it for us. he got his just desserts so it's all good.

we want season 2! it better be in the works, I want more Tiger&Bunny. Plus who the hell is Ouroboros! Damn it I need more.

All in all, this is def. one anime I will purchase when it comes out. but why oh why are the fan subs so much BETTER than the licenced subs T_T

Off to go meaningless stuff today. Hopefully it will be more productive than usual.
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