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One month and it's the end of good old 2011. It hasn't been the greatest of years but I'll survive, always do.

Before we moved I had bought some con tickets because I was suppose to stay and finish up my carpentry course but the college I was going to decided to cancel all of my remaining classes because they hadn't finished installing everything in the woodworking department. Bull crap I say! they could have put us students in the old woodworking department. Anywho, I bought the tickets and moved then I had to buy tickets to get to the con arg, so much money wasted because of this. Plus on top of it my patterns for the cosplay I wanted to do didn't come in until I was at the con :( next year will be the year *fingers crossed*.

Day 1
left with my sister early in the morning to catch my train which, luckily, was close to her work. got on and thankfully half way through the trip I got seats to myself ^_^ Don't judge, I just don't like sharing train/bus/plane seats. me likes the leg room. I get to my old city and headed straight to my friend's house. Her parents are so nice letting me stay...again haha.
My friend had to do some errands and I tagged along. Then that night I did some volunteering at a European film festival because I just looooove volunteering. I was asked a few days before I left if I wanted to because the people from the animation festival thought I was still living in the city so I agreed. Glad I did it, got to see a FREE movie, German one. Pretty cool, definitely different than the hollywood films.

Day 2
THE CON! If you know anything about Ottawa then you'd know that it's extremely small and for being the capital city of Canada it's a crying shame. Got up in the morning and headed to Timmy's for breakfast. OMG their breakfast sandwiches are AMAZING! If any of you decide to travel to Canada you must stop off at a Timmy's! Finished me sandwich and waited for the bus....and waited.....and waited. Those buses are so unreliable, I swear! I think we were waiting for 30 minutes when it's suppose to come every 10 minutes. 

The con appeared to have less cosplayers this year than previous year  which made me sad, I was hoping for more but I got less. I was able to snag a few photos thank goodness.

She even has a petticoat ^_^

Use to watch this anime when I was little. the wand was perfect!

Coolest Ivy costume ever!

yep.....that's it. I"M SORRY! Wish I got more.

As usually I didn't get much, except food, but I did get a few Christmas presents there.
I got a pair of earrings and a Jasmine flower bloom tea thingy - it blooms in hot water. got one for my friend too and she loved it! When in doubt get tea, chocolates are cheap haha.
As for food I'm addicted to Hi-Chews, they are the best, my penpal introduced me to them and I always buy some at ALL conventions haha.
That evening went to my grandma's place, after a 30 minute phone call of confusion we settled our get together that evening. Ended up eat way too much Chinese food, I was like a whale and of course grandmas being grandmas she loaded my up with stuff to bring back.

Day 3
Breakfast at Timmy's, watch out those sandwiches fill you up, we weren't hungry until dinner time. Hung out, went and did some shopping. Didn't get anything, me too poor. That evening, the animation festival I volunteered at was hosting an event for all volunteers so we went. We got to see all the chosen animations from each competition plus I won a $10 gift card to Mags&Fags, gonna splurge on mags the next time I go up. But what I was really sad to not see was this:

Favorite animation EVER!!!!!! 
When the event was over we got to pick up free copies of the program guide that were originally going for $20 and I also snagged a festival bag for one of my new penpals.

Day 4
went to the orthodonist, decided to squeeze them in and waited for the bus again for 30 minutes then did a transfer but had to wait another 45 minutes. I'm so glad that almost everything here is in walking distance.
Got back and relaxed until I had to go and catch my train. Gave my friend's parents a gift card to Timmy's (that's what we Canadians do aight?!) and a box of Queen Anne chocolate covered cherries, I think they were gone by the time I got back home haha. it was funny how her dad was eyeing the chocolates while I was saying my thanks.
Got back and met my sister at the train station but before we left she pressured me into buying cookies. OMG no wonder we are not slim haha. We are chubby bunnies with buddha bellies. 

Since then I've been working and getting Christmas packages ready.
So far I've gotten these done

Still working on a few more. If you would like a Christmas card or exchange cultural packages see here
Off to go deliver what I the rain. Rain better not RUIN MY PACKAGES!!!!!

Aren't I just terrible at story telling? /shot
I've noticed I'm very bad at writing posts, this makes me sad. :(


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