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Update of things passed.
- celebrated Christmas with family, lots of food, turned me into a whale.
- watched the ball drop on New Years. Went for Chinese the day after. again turned into a whale
- Grandparents are too funny! they do the strangest things
- Cat was diagnoised with lymphoma and pancreatitis :( I hope she lives a few more year instead of a few months which the vet told us.
- Very bad start of the new year D:
- losing my job in Feb, because store is closing. BAAAA!!!!! NA is now a crap shoot for employment. Have not gotten any luck after that toy company job. So planning on moving over seas.
- Completed an English lang course. Will make good use of it. me gots a plan for everything XD
- Finished an anime series but can't remember.
- thunder, thunder, thundercat HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! got pumped for the new version of Thundercats so decided to watch the entire first season in one day. Momra is going to get his butt kicked! Go watch it if you like the classic cartoons. hope She-ra gets a revamp
- going to watch Miranda, a Brit show that looks oh so funny.
- will start on PanAm again.....must find last ep. watched.
[ profile] randomrape! I made my very first entry in that notepad you sent me. it's the measurements of a tutu that our store was selling. I'm such a cheater, not going to pay $40 for a tutu when I can make one, and better, for $5! It will be a new sewing project.
- Started working out again. HOOOOOOOOO! determined to lose weight for Anime North.
- Rain instead of snow, what's wrong with the weather?!?!?!!?!? Winter feels too much like spring :(
- Now I remember the anime, it was Otaku no Video! OMG! /shot
- Clearing out my room of stuff I do not need/use anymore.
- Listening to Electic Light Orchestra, the oldies make me smile :)
- planning on doing something amazing for my love of Hetalia.
Short update is short. I live a very boring and miserable existence.
Proper update coming soon. 
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