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Thank You Everyone!!!!!!
Your help was greatly appresiated XD

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend

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 I am auctioning off two items. 

The first is an ornament featuring Huanhuan one of the 5 mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympics. It is made of crystal and Celanese and is 5x35cm. The box has a few dents and scratches but the actual item is in mint condition.

I'll be auctioning this off at $15 CAD

The next item is a Chinese snuff bottle. It is painted on the inside and is very beautiful. It comes with its own box. It is the size of my palm not too big ^^

I will be auctioning this off at
$10 CAD

I except Paypal and money orders. If you have any questions please let me know. The auction will end on Wednesday April 2 at 12 pm Eastern Time.

Happy Bidding.
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 Yep it's the time of the year where people begin their spring cleaning, and I am no different.

I am auctioning off my Versace backpack. I have not used it not even once. Unfortunately is it not 100% authenic, but that only shows on the inside on the outside it looks like the real deal.

It is perfect for a walk around town, shopping, traveling or just to have handy around the house. It is made of silk and was purchased in Thailand. And if you are worried about the medusa the bag has them on both its zippers.

I except money order and Paypal in CAD.

I am going to start the bidding at
$40 and the bidding will end on Wednesday April 2 at 12 Canadian time (Eastern Time)

Happy Bidding!
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the ⓇⒺⒸⒾⓅⒺ meme

Of course! It's gotta be food.
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For Tales of the Abyss Lovers ---> Click Here
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37% Geek


Almost half way to become a full-out geek. Pretty impressive if I don't say so myself XD

Takes the quiz, I dare ya!
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I must tell you about my little excurtion on the bus I had yesterday. I have a good one and a bad one.

I'll tell you the bad one first becasue the good one will take your mind off the first one.

Bad One )

Good One )


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