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01~ Share similar interests.
02~ If you are going to add me, try and make an effort. Don't just add
03~ Be kind and friendly not only to me but to others.
04~ Be open to new things.
05~ Don't steal things without asking. I will certainly give you permition, all you have to do it ask.
06~ Don't be a lurker. Commenting won't kill you. and if it will don't bother friending me.
07~ If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. 
08~ Please READ my profile first.
09~Comment and add me first and I'll add you back. 
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Update of things passed.
Short update is short. I live a very boring and miserable existence.
Proper update coming soon. 
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Welcome [personal profile] vanilla_cupcake[personal profile] vanilla_cupcake , [personal profile] suite, and [personal profile] teeye

Most of my posts are from my LJ account, I'll be cross-posting from there. I hope to post more once everything settles down in my life.
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My very first post on dreamwidth, after days and hours of trying to figure out how to crosspost I finally did it! 

Current layout is temporary until I find a better one.

I will be crossposting with my LiveJournal account under idle_ness still. 
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Happy New Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish all you wonderful friends of mine a prosperous and healthy 2012. May you have a joyful and happy year.

(I wish I could write my letters in silver and gold :( day.)

((update soon))
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~ Merry Christmas Friends-List! ~

For those who are celebrating I wish you a great, merry and joyous day filled with gifts, love and always
appreciative cash-ola. For those are aren't I wish you a wonderful holiday and I hope you are all relaxing from everyday stresses and worries.
I love you guys and I'm grateful to have you in my world. Keep your spirits and chins up high!

Now get to sleep, you have another day waiting for you (and gifts to be opened) ^_^    
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Officially the first snow fall for the winter.... well as my birthday! Unfortunately, it's my second third birthday where I've been unemployed. One shift a week at an underwear store does not constitute for a job. Hopefully 2012 will give me something much better.

And for those who celebrate this day Happy St. Nicholas!

Going to see Hugo tonight, mom's treat, I love me some Steampunk action. Will post about it when I get back. For now, I'll be cleaning my room and giving stuff away, at least I have no more boxes of mine down in the basement; everything is here in my tiny cramped room.
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One month and it's the end of good old 2011. It hasn't been the greatest of years but I'll survive, always do.

On to what's new )

Aren't I just terrible at story telling? /shot
I've noticed I'm very bad at writing posts, this makes me sad. :(
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Just watched the news and see the mayhem of Black Friday in the States.
OMG these people are nuts, no offence to whoever is from America on my f-list but these is crazy.

People are fighting each other so that they can beat others to the best deals. 

Stupid is all I can say...and ridiculous. You don't need all that stuff, you can live without it. Heck, I'm getting rid of half my s*** because our place is 1/5 of the size of our old house. It's crappy not being able to have everything you want but come on, this is nuts. No wonder my generation is in debt.

Shear madness I say... )
Thank goodness it's not wide-spread in Canada. But I have to admit our store participated for sure (buy $100+ and get half off). At least there weren't that many people.

Hopefully a better post coming soon.
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Guess what guys?

i finally got my new computer and this is the first post i'm making on it. i got another gateway since i loved my old gateway and lasted me soooooooo long so i'll go with what i'm comfortable with. but something happened to my old computer's hard drive which still had 13gb of files on it. damn it, just when i was almost done transfering it. going to call into a computer store tomorrow and see if they can fix it.

now that i have a new comp i'll try and post more, stuffs happened in the past few months so i'll share that with you.

until then, goodnight fl
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Full Stash of Halloween Candy Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!

Hope you guys had a spook-tacular night.

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Week has been pretty good, got a second interview already and i just handed out resumes on Monday, crazy!
Been rain non-stop too, very gloomy out. must brave it and go out, need things. Good thing most stores are in walking distance.
That reminds me I need to get fabric for my costume, idk maybe this weekend with my sister?  I need it soon. and a wig, which my mom will have a hissy fit over, 'stop buying stuff!" i haven't bought anything since August give a gal some slack here.

Tiger&Bunny spazzing and spoilers, skip if need be )

Off to go meaningless stuff today. Hopefully it will be more productive than usual.
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Selling 5 Versailles posters.
I accept Paypal only.
I will do no trades.
I ship worldwide and in tubes, unless notified.
I can combine shipping.
I do not do holds for more than 2 days, as we are moving and do not have time to hold them for longer.
All posters are from CDJapan, have not been pined or taped. All in mint condition.

Read more... )

Shipping can only been done through surface. Canada Post is pretty stingy. If you prefer Purolator please let me know, it will cost a bit more but will get to you in 4-5 days instead of 3-4 weeks. I can combine shipping (it won't cost anymore than what I've quoted).
If you are interested leave a comment.
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Imma goin' journal cleaning. I figured it's high time to clear out my journal. I'll be removing or trying to remove some communities I'm not part of anymore. Don't worry I'm not touching my fl...yet ;)

I'll be out of commission until the clean up is over.
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Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very merry and joyous Christmas!


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Did you guys see the lunar eclipse this morning? I didn't due to cloud coverage T_T
Apparently, it was beautiful. The moon turned to a soft chocolate colour for about 11 minutes. ^^

In other news, when I was typing in LiveJournals address I forgot to put 3 'w's and typed 2 and I was led to a Russian LiveJournal account hahaha I thought it was funny so I shared it with you all ^^
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For those interested in the Hetalia New Year's party and the Tales of New Year's party please comment with any questions or comments here.

More Post

Dec. 12th, 2010 04:48 pm
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Come post and be merry!
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OMG What the hell?!?!?!?
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Everybody come join me on IMVU!!!

That's all...

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